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attie is a sweet, handsome boy who learns so fast. he figured out sit… - from her to eternity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
maxine nation

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[Jun. 7th, 2011|01:32 am]
maxine nation
attie is a sweet, handsome boy who learns so fast. he figured out sit in about a day, come in a couple of days, is getting the hang of lay down and seems to fully comprehend "kisses."

why am i teaching him kisses? well he bites ferociously. and it's definitely a problem. i guess we should've expected that or something like it with a stray. but damn, it's terrifying. he's a lab mix.. and it doesn't take much looking to notice pit bull, or something of that nature and stereotype, in him. whoops, well, we love him.

tonight he's been in his crate whining up a storm. screeching, really. the past two nights had been perfectly fine.

i went downstairs. he likes to get in my lap and chew on toys, and also me. so he did that and bit my lip and i got so frustrated so i walked away and he whimpered and then he shut up. he really usually doesn't whine for long. he just falls asleep or amuses himself. it's nice, and it's why this excess of shrieking made no sense.

well i tried come, sit and kisses with him and they all worked all right. then he laid down, so i laid down. i rubbed his belly for a while. he conked out. i conked out. we napped for a while.

it was really nice.